The ZXD Recipe Collection

Watermelon a la Verito-Sandía

It was a hot summer in Savannah, GA. My friend, Will Young, had a very broken sailboat that all the friends helped fix. He would feed us heavy food in the summer, but I decided to bring a watermelon. Another friend grabbed a bunch of Will’s chocolate mint. And someone else said, “add salt for contrast,” and voilá.


  • One seedless watermelon (for convenience)
  • Bunch of clean mint
  • Sea salt crystals
  • One big bowl to mix ingredients. Another to serve.


Cut the watermelon in slices or triangles, add to the mixing bowl.

Cut the clean, washed mint into pieces, tiny is best for friends. I prefer mine a bit bigger, add to the mixing bowl along with the watermelon. Sprinkle sea salt crystals without overdoing it. Mix it up gently, we want to avoid the watermelon getting bruised up. Serve.