The ZXD Recipe Collection

Binghamton NY Chicken Spiedies

Spiedies (pronounced “speedys”) are regionally FAMOUS in Binghamton NY, we even have an entire festival around them (that’s where I took my 1st hot air balloon ride!). It’s believed that these were brought over in the early 1920’s by Italians who settled in the Binghamton area. Since then, every BBQ, every baseball game, and every outdoor event has Spiedies. If you travel one or two towns away from Binghamton, people will not know what Spiedies are. It’s literally a very regional thing and I LOVE THEM! And NO, it's not just “marinated cubed meat”, trust me.


  • 1 bottle of Lupo’s Spiedie Sauce (link)
  • 2–5 Chicken Breasts
  • Sliced Italian bread is best


To prepare

  1. Cube chicken into 1" pieces
  2. Mix chicken and marinade in a container to marinade overnight in the fridge (marinade for a couple of days if you really want that POW of Spiedie goodness flavor!)

To cook

  1. Skewer the cubed chicken and grill til cooked, turning a few times to grill up all the edges.
  2. Serve on a slice of Italian bread—with or without condiments.
  3. Drool and enjoy!!